Smartclicks is a social enterprise committed to the promotion of digital wellness and safety among young people and adult by indulging positive use of technology using awareness campaign, seminars, public presentations and educational innovation to create relatable materials that teaches digital opportunities and safety.

It is a registered non-governmental organization created with the MISSION to empower individuals and organizations to fully realize the benefits of technology, while prioritizing safety and wellness through partnership with technology producers, users and regulatory stakeholders. Our VISION is to create a world where people can fully enjoy the benefits of technology, while feeling safe, healthy and fulfilled.

Smartclicks Tech-wellness Advocates Network started as a social arm of a start-up in 2020 providing community support through enlightenment campaigns on positive tech use as well as means to exploring its numerous opportunities while taking caution of its threats. It became registered non-governmental entity in 2023 to fully implement its mandate of holistic engagement with users, producers and regulatory of technological tools and infrastructure.


  • Promoting Digital Wellness through advocacy, awareness campaigns and creation of relatable materials.
  • Provision and Promotion of Digital Skills and Opportunities among adolescents, youths and professionals.
  • Engage in Policy Dialogue and Research on issues of Digital Wellness and Safety in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.