Finger Print no longer Safe from Data Theft

Can Selfies be Dangerous?

You are happy and taking a selfie. You smile, take a shot and take photo, but as you capture the moment, your fingertips may inadvertently enter the frame. Now do you realise how that can be used against you? How this one selfie that you posted to your social media can turn your life upside down with the power of advanced algorithms. High quality images can be extracted directly from that photo.

Fraudulent Finger Print Activities

There is a new technology that can extract your fingerprints from photos with remarkable precision and details and potentially use them for fraudulent activities. This development introduces a new dimension to our online privacy concerns. Once hackers have access to your fingerprints. The potential for misuse is alarming. They could digitally replicate your prints and use them to unlock your phone access sensitive information or even gain entry to secure locations protected by bio-metric security systems.

This kind of unauthorised access can lead to range of cyber crime such as bank fraud where criminals could use your fingerprints to authorise transactions or access your financial accounts. More over hackers can perform SIM card fraud by using your finger prints to bypass authentication process and gain control of your phone number. This allows them to intercept one time pass codes sent to your phone giving them access to your online banking and other important accounts.

Additionally, bio-metric fraud could occur if criminals use your finger print to manipulate systems that rely on bio-metric authentication such as passports, or access control systems. Given this risks its essential to take measures to protect your privacy.



How to keep Safe Online

Start by being mindful of how you position your hands and selfies. You can also use filters to blur out sensitive areas in your photos minimising the risk of fingerprint extraction as technology continues to advance, it is crucial to stay vigilant and adapt to emerging threats.

Be cautious about what you’re sharing in your selfies and take proactive steps to protect your identity after watching this video, why not go through your feed and check if you posted any such images. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe and happy posting

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