Cautious Information Sharing

Information is an important ingredient of human existence that keeps us updated on what is happening, what is neede to be done and how it should be done from time to time. Traditionally, information sharing is the responsibility of trusted authorities like town criers, radio stations, newspapers and television stations whereby listeners almost assembles at a specific time to get updates on happenings around the world and in their localities.  But in recent time, information sharing has taken another dimension with the wake of android phones which is why today’s show is about safety issues around online information sharing.

The role that information play in human life cannot be underestimated noting how important it is to get handy information for various purposes ranging from personal, educational and professional issues. Despite the enormous relevance of information, there is need to be cautious of information received on various platforms in respect to their genuineness and authenticity for either use or sharing. We should note that irrespective of how appealing any information might be to us, we should take our time to know if the piece is worthy of use for ourselves, what sense does it make and its possible effect if it gets to more public spaces. Popular dangers of various information sharing include promotion of fake news and making popular inciting posts. So there is need to take charge by checking information that reaches us before using them or sharing them with others

Misinformation is becoming more worrisome to media organizations and larger society because contents, posts, and other information from non-incredible news sites have gained ground especially with the prompt share handles across various social media platforms. Ideally information sharing don’t just happen, it involves process by confirming from various authentic sources to be sure that what will be sent across would be true of what it tells against been in a hurry of the first to tell it. One important thing to always remember before absorbing information shared across unverified source includes possible creator of the content, for what purpose was it created and of what impact could the message be in the event of mass coverage supported by sharing forwarding or reposting.

The key message here is cautious information sharing with action words of STOP, REFLECT AND VERIFY before sharing with others.

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