Stakeholders in Technology, Communication, Safety, Education and Telecommunication have called on parents, educators and other caregivers to seek adequate digital literacy and safety information in order to inculcate positive tech habits in young people. This call was made during an awareness programme tagged “Tech4Growth Summit” organized under a digital wellness and safety advocacy project Smartclicks […]

Information is an important ingredient of human existence that keeps us updated on what is happening, what is neede to be done and how it should be done from time to time. Traditionally, information sharing is the responsibility of trusted authorities like town criers, radio stations, newspapers and television stations whereby listeners almost assembles at […]

Smartclisk first ever Summit on Digital Wellness and Safety will hold on 31st May, 2022 in Kano. The event is created to promote digital wellness in the society by bringing together experts and stakeholders in Information and Communication Technology, Education and Wellness in one location, to x-ray key issues for sustainable positive technology use among […]